Join RAML Design artists Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal for a tour of their world of Art and Architecture.

They currently reside in Clearlake, California where they collaboratively paint and do selected Architectural projects.



We have painted collaboratively since 1995. We come from two distinctly different paths, and sometimes they merge, to the effect that it becomes whole cloth.

ML: Painting is a cerebral, intentional process.

RA: I try to sidestep the conscious mind in order to work spontaneously from the unconscious – from my gut – from the truth of who I am.

ML: Abstraction for me is the process of distillation; seeing (thinking) into a construct of shapes, lines, colors to evoke a mood.

RA: Art is play, the joy of a random line, a brilliant color.

Side by side we create this dialogue merging our two positions, sometimes exchanging who we think we are; and not until stopping and stepping back do we experience what we have done.

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